Uninor Mobile Phone Manual GPRS, EDGE Settings, Data Plans

by mohit on February 2, 2011

Mobile web is fast catching up with today’s generation who is keen to have access to the broadband and data-download on the go. Now, that has been made possible with the help of various data network services like wifi, GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) and now 3G. In particular, GPRS is a cellular networking service that supports WAP, SMS text messaging, and other data communications. GPRS technology is integrated into so-called 2.5G mobile phones designed to provide faster data transfer speeds than older 2G cellular networks. GPRS can provide instant connections subject to radio coverage. No dial-up modem connection is necessary and provides data transfer at rates ranging from 56 to 114 kilobits per second (Kbps).

Having said that, various mobile service providers tend to often various lucrative GPRS plans for its customers. One such case is of Uninor. Uninor, together with TATA DOCOMO is providing good speed in GPRS . Both the companies are looking forward to serve better GPRS packet data services now a days. The best part herein is – Using Uninor GPRS is easy and it sends automatic GPRS settings to most of mobile handsets.

Uninor GPRS – Automatic Settings Message & Manual settings

It couldn’t be simpler. Send a toll free SMS “ALL” to “58355″ and you will receive settings for your phone.

Or else, If the automatic settings are not available for your mobile phone then do not be upset as you can always set up a GPRS packet data manually by creating a custom packet data profile with any name and entering the following details:

  • Homepage: Set any webpage URL
  • APN/Access point: Uninor
  • Data bearer: GSM/Packet data
  • User name and password: leave blank
  • Ip address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Enabled

Uninor GPRS Plans Detail – 3 Major Plans

  1. My Connect 9 at Rs.9 :  60MB Free usage with 3 days validity
  2. My Connect 90 at Rs.90 : 3GB Free usage with 30 days validity
  3. Single Day plan : 30MB Free usage with 1 day validity

There’s a way to go with Uninor GPRS. Go, grab it.

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