Upload To Flickr From Android Phone

by Kabir on October 12, 2010

Do you find uploading photos to your Flickr profile cumbersome? Do you want a better, faster and easier method of uploading photos to share with your friends and family? How about uploading directly using your mobile phone. Well yes, here is a new Flickr app that enables the user to upload photos directly from the mobile.

Flickr launched the app a few weeks ago, which is available for download. The app works only with mobile phones based on Android 2.2 platform. Users can easily download the free app by going to m.flickr.com from their Android 2.2 based mobile device.

So, here is how it works. As soon as you log on to Flickr from your mobile phone, you’ll see a download link right on the homepage. This will take you to the mobile upload page where you will see an option of “Choose File”. Selecting this button will give the user access to the gallery from where photos can be easily uploaded and shared. So enjoy uploading photos without e-mailing. The catch here is that the app works only with Android 2.2 based phones. For other users who have Android 2.1 (or lower) will have to wait for any other update.

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