Increase Mobile Internet Speed With NetworkAcc

by mohit on December 18, 2009

Are you fed up with the slow Internet speed or disturbed by the fact that the speed that is often advertised by various Internet Service Providers is fake and you are not getting the desired speed? Here, we come with some simple methods which will help in increasing your Internet speed.

We had been using GPRS Internet service from Airtel mobile in India. One of the main problems of GPRS internet is that it’s very slow. BSNL started 3G services in many states of the country. But rest of India relies on GPRS service for accessing mobile internet. The speed of mobile GPRS varies from 6 KB/sec and above based on network availability and plans chosen.


(1) One solution is to increase the mobile internet speed by using a mobile web browser like Opera that uses special compression technology to deliver web pages.

(2) Another method is to use mobile softwares like NetworkAcc. Network accelerator, also familiar as NetworkAcc from emobistudio tunes mobile internet access both in device side and network side. It can be used to speed up internet in 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and other telecommunication networks.

NetworkAcc is able to improve internet speeds in Blackberry, Nokia and Java supported Samsung, LG mobile devices. It is a shareware application. But the full version will not put you back by more than 7$- a very small amount that you would be able to afford.

speed up mobile internet NetworkAcc

The latest version of NetworkAcc added support for tuning internet speeds of major Indian mobile carriers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea ,Reliance, Aircel etc.

NetworkAcc uses a wizard driven process to improve internet speed in installed mobile phones. You just need to select GPRS, 3G or the corresponding connection type, mobile carrier, operating system and proceed to optimization.

Download NetworkAcc mobile internet accelerator for Blackberry, Nokia and Java phones.

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