Videocon Mobile Phone Specifications and Features

by mohit on December 7, 2009

You all must have heard this famous english quote “Change is the only Constant” in your school days. That’s also the motto of VIDEOCON. You might have already seen the new Videocon logo and advertisement in TV and Newspapers with a tagline “change is refreshing”. Going forward with this ideology, Videocon-which is a well known consumer brand in India is stepping into the mobile phones market under the brand name of Videocon Mobile Phones .

You can buy Videocon Mobiles if you are in Tamil Nadu-Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Mumbai.



  • Basic phones
  • FM Radio Phones
  • Dual SIM phones
  • MP3
  • Camera
  • Multimedia
  • Touchscreen Windows mobile phones


The handsets are expected to be in a price range of Rs.1600 to Rs.18500.


Everybody is aware of the name and place that Nokia holds in the Indian mobile handset market and is a leader in this segment. But, of late, it is facing some stiff competition from other brands like Samsung, HTC, LG and several other regional players. After Spark Mobiles which entered the Indian market last month, Videocon is the latest entrant to the league of mobile brands.

Its an old and commonplace economic theory that “Choice is always good for a consumer”. More the brands, more will be the options to choose from but what about Brand Image and Customer Service.

A million dollar question is – With already so many mobile companies and a good variety of mobiles being offered by each one of them, what will make the new entrant more tempting for the customer? The answer lies in Videocon betting big on the Indian handset market and is aiming for a Pan-India sales network. Having been in the Consumer Electronics business for such a long time, to get their own share of the booming handset market in the country should not be a hard nut to crack for Videocon.

Having said that, Will you buy a videocon mobile ?

My best wishes to videocon,  to know more, click the following link Videocon Mobile Phones.

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