View Pictures, Videos Stored On Nokia Lumia Phone On DLNA Capable Samsung TV and Other Devices

by mohit on March 27, 2012

We are all aware of the fact that Nokia’s market share has been on the downward slope in past few years with other OSs and mobile brands catching up fast with their mind-boggling innovations in the mobile phones industry. So Nokia launched its Lumia series(Windows Phone 7 devices) and was depending on it big time, it was a make-or-break launch for the company. with all hopes dwindling over this series, the Lumia Smartphones have done pretty good and have sustained in the market.

Furthermore, Nokia came up with some awesome apps exclusively for the Lumia devices to get the sales bell ringing and attract the customers. We discussed about the Nokia Transport app previously. Now we are discussing about this app named ‘Play To’ for Nokia Lumia phones only, which can enable you to show pictures and videos wirelessly on other DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) capable devices (TV’s, BlueRay players, Mediaplayer in Windows 7, etc…) connected to their network.


DLNA makes compatibility challenges a thing of the past. You remember the dark digital days, when trying to send movies, music and photos from one brand-name device to another seemed next to impossible? And although the PC in your office and TV in the den were just a room away, they were miles apart in compatibility. Those days are long gone. Welcome to a new day in digital living.

As of now the support is only for pictures and videos, ability to stream music will be added later. The app is currently in beta and Nokia is requesting Lumia users to provide feedback on the app and also submit bugs. Currently, the Beta version of the app is available. You can see the Installation procedure here.


Download Play To For Nokia Lumia Devices.

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