Vodafone Subscribers In Tamil Nadu Can Hear Live Aarti On Their Mobile Phones

by mohit on June 10, 2011

When everything is getting easy and tech-based in this modern era, then how can we be left behind in the area of devotion to god as well. Especially in a country like India, where God and work goes hand in hand. The initiative is taken by Vodafone Essar, one of India’s leading cellular service providers  – it launched a unique spiritual service called the ‘Live Aarti’ exclusively for its customers in Tamil Nadu.

By using this service, devotees will be able to join the prayers in the temple, virtually. The customers will also have the unique option to record their ‘Prarthana’ or prayers and offer it to the deity of their choice through the live Aarti service. This recorded prarthana/prayer is sent to the shrine on a daily basis where the priest plays all these recordings in the Shrine within 3 days.

Furthermore, Vodafone customers can also call at non-Aarti timings to listen to a recorded version of the Aarti. They can also get information about the deity and next live Aarti’s schedule.

Following is the list of Shrines in which customers can participate through Live Aarti :

  • Tirupati Balaji,
  • Siddhivnayak,
  • Shirdi Sai baba,
  • Shani Shingnapur,
  • Mahalaxmi,
  • Kashi Vishvanath,
  • Ambaji,
  • Patnasaheb,
  • Banglasahib, and
  • Haji Ali.

How To Activate The Service?

This unique offer can be activated by calling 55200 which is Toll-free or customers can type ACT AARTI and send it to 111(postpaid) /144 (pre-paid),

The service will charge the customers Rs.2/- per day per shrine subscription.

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