Voice, Sound Recording App For Symbian S60 Devices

by mohit on March 4, 2011

You never know, you are out somewhere and some sound attracts you or can be of your use in some unique way. You want to record it for yourselves or for someone back home. The only thing you would be needing pretty badly at that moment is a sound recorder device and there are better chances of yours not carrying one with you all the time. In fact, why do you even need one in this era of mobile applications which has a made our routine tasks a lot more simpler. VoiceNote is a mobile app for Symbian OS mobile devices that performs the above mentioned task – its an advanced sound recorder application with playback support.

There are few more benefits attached to this app. One can also add tags and location information to the recordings. There’s an Sharing option as well – Users can also share their recordings with Dropbox or email.

It’s simple and straight forward app with even more simpler description. So, we straight away move to the requirements for the app.

VoiceNote App Requirements :

Download the VoiceNote free for Symbian OS

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