Voice Turn By Turn GPS Navigation For Windows Phone 7

by Kabir on May 6, 2011

Windows Phone 7 may be one of the good looking phones in its segment, giving tough competition to HTC Desire, Blackberry devices and a few others, but is it smart enough? A few of the recently launched apps, one being the ‘copy-paste’ app, and now the latest GPS navigation app (Drive On) may answer the question as a ‘Yes’.

Drive On is the latest WP7 app to be launched at the marketplace. Available for download only for US users, it actually has a voice output that describes your path whenever you go off-track. Besides this amazing voice feature, it has loads of other features as well which we shall discuss later in the article. The app really is being considered as an advancement, because it is difficult to keep an eye on the navigation device while driving. It surely increases the ‘risk of accident’. But no one complained, since we did not had a replacement. But not anymore (for WP7 users, others will have to wait), Drive On is here to take all the headache.

Besides, voice turn-by-turn navigation, Drive On, has several other attractive features as well which make it stand out in the crowd. One being the automatic calculation of alternate routes once the driver goes off-route. Another one is the estimation of travel time depending on the current speed and distance left. But one feature that really stood out was that of use of maps on offline mode. Drive On is an intelligent system, it saves the traveled places (and directions) and when needed, driver can use Drive On on offline mode to travel to the place again.

Key Features

  • Turn-by-Turn Voice Activated Navigation over map or directions view
  • Automatically recalculates the route and shows new directions when you get off course
  • Displays current speed, estimated time and distance to reach Destination
  • Get directions from your current location, or by entering any Address or Geo Coordinates
  • Create Favorite places & directions
  • Drive On automatically saves previous directions for future selection
  • Search businesses, gas stations, restaurants and other points of interest around you and navigate-to or save to favorites
  • Pin your cars parking location to favorite and easily find it
  • Pin or Navigate-to your Favorites from current location
  • No extra plan is required to browse your map and navigate to your destination
  • Saved and Favorite Directions can be Navigated to even when phone is offline
  • Speedometer

Try out this app, click here, for downloading.

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