Watch, Read Official Al Jazeera News On Nokia Symbian Phones

by Kabir on March 21, 2011

Live TV on mobile phones is becoming a popular platform for TV viewing these days. Coupled with fast speed internet and low data rates, watching TV on-the-go is the in-thing. After the launch of Mobile ESPN and National Geographic widgets, a new app that’ll be joining the brigade will be ‘Al Jazeera’.

For those who are not aware, Al Jazeera is the world’s first 24 hours global news channel based in the middle-east. It is available in English as well as Arabic languages. It is the only ‘Middle-Eastern’ news channel aired outside the middle-east in English language and the most popular one too. It was launched in the English language 4 years ago, in November 2006. In such a short span of time Al Jazeera English has become quite a popular global news channel. With its headquarters in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Doha, London and Washington DC to name a few, it covers global news strategitically from south to north. Al Jazeera English, aired in over 100 countries with over 150 million viewers, gives a tough competition to popular global news channels like CNN and BBC News.

Coming back to the Al Jazeera app, it is free to download from the Symbian store. Developed by Mobiclip, the app is available in both English as well as Arabic. Users can download the app in either language. The app works well with EDGE, WiFi and 3G connectivity. To download the Al Jazeera Live TV widget for your Symbian phone, click here.

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