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by Abhishek on September 30, 2008


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about emTube is that it must be some you tube player but the fact is it’s not just another you tube player, its features make it very different and probably the best one so far. EmTube is a flash Lite YouTube player which doesn’t have a stylish 3d interface but has all the features which make it worth competing with the mobitube player released officially by nokia.

Following features of emTube make it special:

1. By using emTube you can browse through the videos by writing keywords or it also has the option of in built feeds which can also be used to search videos.

2. You can also download the videos onto your phone and play them later on whenever you want.

3. You can also add the videos under favorites tag so that next time you want to see them you don’t have to browse through all the rest of videos.

4. The best part about emTube is that now you don’t have to wait for the download to get complete, it provides the facility of instant playback which means that it will also play the unfinished videos.

5. The next best thing about emTube is that in its forthcoming version you can also add comments to your favorite videos and you can also upload videos to you tube.

The application is already going under heavy development and very shortly two new versions of emTube are going to be released. One is a general application and the other is made specially to support N95 and its cool accelerometer feature.

Supported phones: all Symbian s60 phones

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