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by Kabir on May 2, 2011

Here is some great news for avid readers using Windows Phone 7. Next Gen Reader has been announced and is available for download (both trial as well as full version). Next Gen Reader is touted to be the fastest Google reader client for Windows Phone 7. It is built upon three basic fundamentals, that are, simplicity, productivity and performance. Currently it is available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Read more to know about its new added features and other attractions.

Unlike its predecessors, it works on offline mode, users can change the theme of the UI. One important factor that caught our eye about this latest app was, that it is highly secure. Even your login details are encrypted and stays in your phone only. It works just like your WP7 e-mail client, in the sense that, likewise you can select multiple articles. Other details and added features are listed below.

Key Features

  • Works in offline mode
  • Completely secure – your login details are encrypted and stored on phone only
  • Full metro UI support for dark and white theme
  • Select multiple articles just like Official WP7 email client
  • Breeze through feeds, folders or friends-shared items in most intuitive way
  • Share articles on twitter and support for url shortner
  • Send to InstaPaper
  • Visually differentiate between read/unread, starred or shared items in list view
  • Recently starred and shared articles just a swipe away
  • Tap and hold to see context menu for frequent actions
  • Share, star or email articles
  • Mark articles as read under feed, folder or all items in one step
  • Sync articles as per choice – all or unread only
  • Smart sync marks multiple changes in background at specified intervals
  • View feeds in landscape mode and change default font-size
  • Open full page in embedded browser or go to internet explorer
  • Can lock your device during refresh

There are two versions available at the Zune marketplace, one is the free trial version and the other is the full version which comes for just USD 0.99. Try it out and let us know about your experiences.

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