WePad Price, Features, Specs, Photos and Release Date

by Kabir on March 28, 2010

About WePad

Recently, Wepad and iPad have been the topic of discussion for all “Gizmo-freaks”. For those who don’t know, WePad is a tablet from Neofonie, aimed at reading newspapers and magazines. It’s been the talk of the town in almost every age group. You might listen your grandpa or the annoying 13 year old Johnny talk about it.

Most of the tablets nowadays, don’t serve purpose. They have been built and launched in the market only because it’s the new “in-thing” and there is a high consumer demand. But, Neofonie’s WePad has a purpose and that purpose is reading. This would help them gain an upper hand in the market and WePad would give tough competition to the Ipad.

WePad’s comparison with Apples’ iPad is shown below:-

Neofonie certainly doesn’t want to compete directly with Apple, but obviously, there should be an alternative for Ipad. Hopefully, WePad would offer that to its consumers. It will be priced lower than the Ipad. It will feature Flash and Adobe Air, the platform that many magazine publishers including Stern Magazine and Wired, have chosen for their digital version.

WePad Tech Specifications

  • 11.6 inch display with a crisp 1366X768 resolution
  • 1.66 GHz Intel Atom Processor
  • 16/32 GB (Optional) Internal Memory
  • 1.3 MP Webcam
  • WePad AppStore as well as Android’s supported Apps
  • Multitasking Support
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Supports all basic eBook formats
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Ambient Light Sensors
  • Motion Sensor
  • Microphone

Approximate Price & Release Date of WePad

The price and release date of Neofonie’s WePad is Not Available. More details about the product and timelines are expected to release by April 12th, 2010.

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