What Does Nokia C5 Series Mean ?

by Abhishek on March 2, 2010

Recently Nokia released their new mobile C series devices, we had also posted about full features of C5 Nokia devices. This series is meant to be shift from the normal Nokia device naming conventions, with this new C series is devices coming in there are now Nokia Cseries, Xseries, Eseries and Nseries.


Each of the Nokia series of devices is different in terms of the major features on which devices are being focused, Here is a quick overview what does all these series mean.

Nseries remains the flagship and most advanced range of products. Xseries comes next and focuses on social entertainment. Eseries remains focussed on productivity and business whilst where as Cseries represents the core range of products.

These naming conventions are made for the users so as to make things easy and help them decide the device they want to purchase as per the features they want to get in their mobile device. If you still have any confusion around naming conventions in nokia devices do let us know through comments sections below.  

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