Whip To Capture, Take Screenshot Of Current Screen On Windows Mobiles

by Kabir on July 24, 2010

Here is the latest application for Windows Mobiles. Whip2Snap is a very simple and attractive app for users who love to take snapshots. The app allows the user to take snapshots by simply whipping the mobile device.

The latest version of this app (v1.1) has some major improvements over the preceding one. For example, v1.1 enables the user to save the snapshots to a default location, there is added supoort for custom filenames. The latest app also prompts the user whenever there is an update available. The latest version also allows the user to manually save program settings, which were previously unavailable. The App is free to download and size is around 141 kb.

Key Features of Whip2Snap

  • Storage Card support
  • Customizable behaviour (single/multiple screenshots, with/without confirmation)
  • Cool “whip” sound effect
  • Multiple image format supported as output (png, jpeg, gif and bmp)
  • Prompts the user whenever an update is available
  • Supports custom filename
  • Free to download
  • Size around 141 kb


HTC Touch Diamond, Diamond2, Pro, Pro 2, HD, HD2 or Samsung OMNIA i900

Download Whip2Snap

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