Windows Live – Access E-mail, Instant Messaging, Contacts, New feed, Photos On Your Windows Phone

by mohit on January 11, 2010

We are incessantly being amused by the manner in which the technology is transforming our lives and shaping our future at rates unprecedented in history of mankind. Here,with due respect to other operating systems, i talk about the Windows Mobile phones.

Now, its one thing to enjoy some of the applications on your windows mobile phones but altogether a different thing to experience the entire Microsoft Windows on your phone, Windows Live software does the latter. Get the full Windows Live experience – including e-mail, instant messaging, contacts, what’s new feed, photos, people, profile and more – right on your Windows phone for free!

WHAT ALL CAN BE DONE from your windows mobile phone using Windows Live?

  • HOME : Your online life, at a glance. See what’s new at a glance. The Mobile Home provides you with one place to go to check new email, get updates on what’s new with your friends, and easily get to all other mobile web services.

  • HOTMAIL : Get your email to go. Never miss an important email again – access your email on the go/when and where you want.

  • PEOPLE : Keep in touch with your friends anywhere. View your contact list and look up your friends from your phone
    Get detail contact information of friends when you need it – no need to wait to get back to your PC

  • PHOTOS : Save, share and view photos – right from your phone

  • MESSENGER : Chat with your friends from your phone. Mobile messenger makes it easy for you to communicate and stay in sync with the people in your life, on the go or whenever and wherever you want

  • BING : Find what you’re looking for. Search the Web just like you would on a PC, Get answers to your questions with Instant Answers, Search news sources for the very latest headlines and stories.
  • and many more

Why to look for a computer for doing all those things that can be done with your windows mobile phone? So, go ahead and download without thinking twice.

Download Windows Live (pro) For Touch Phones,

Download Windows Live(standard) For Non-Touch Phones

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