Windows Mobile Version 6.5.3 Is Out With Cool Features and New Looks

by mohit on January 12, 2010

To err is human but not to learn from past mistakes and doing nothing to overcome the wrong that has been done is malignant. That’s only the closest reason as to why Microsoft is out with the new Version 6.5.3 of Windows Mobile. Yes, the difficulty in navigating through WM 6.5 is known to one and all. With WM 6.5 having the small “Start” icon placed at the top, is a real torture especially for those using Pocket PCs with resistive touch screens…take a Chill pill.

This update to Windows Mobile brings marked changes to the user interface that will really force users to forego their long standing complaints of using not so user friendly interface earlier.

Image Credit: NeoWin


  • moved the “Start” button to the bottom of home screen which almost looks like Internet Explorer Mobile app navigation icons. It’s now much easier to be reached with your thumb when holding the device in one hand. This means you won’t strain yourself reaching way up to the top of the screen.
  • made some nice changes to the software QWERTY keyboard. When viewing the keyboard, if you want to access other characters such as number or symbols, simply swipe the keyboard to the right. Want to see a standard 12-key T9-style keyboard? Swipe to the left. This makes access to alternate characters very easy.
  • The status bar at the top has also seen a nice revision. Looking at the home screen, you might think that the icons are way too small for you to accurately select with your finger. Well, Microsoft has created a drop-down dock that enlarges all the status icons and lets you interact with them.
  • Touch support gets a boost
  • Navigation becomes easier even without stylus on resistive touch screens.

The update is being prepared and is expected for release some time later this year.

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