Windows Mobiles Google Reader Application [Feed Reader]

by mohit on October 19, 2010

We all are aware of the usage and benefits of a Google Reader service whereby we can keep the track of updates on some of our most liked and visited websites. But why to switch on our desktop PCs for the same when their alternatives are available in the form of Windows Mobile phones and various other Smartphones.

Yes, now you can have access to the Google Reader on your WM phones with the help of an app known as Tiny Google Reader. Tiny Google Reader is a RSS Reader for Windows Mobile based devices. It allows you to access your saved RSS feeds and add new ones. In simple words, if you are using Google Reader, then you can now access the reader from your Windows Phone.

Tiny Google Reader App Features :-

  • it allows you to view your reading-list (10,20,30,50 items)
  • view all of your starred items
  • view all of your shared items
  • view all of your subscriptions
  • also enables you to view items of your subscribed feeds (10,20,30,50 items)
  • Mark the item as read, automatically when you open it.
  • Like/Unlike
  • Star/Un-Star
  • Share/Unshare

Download Tiny Google Reader

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