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by mohit on April 15, 2011

Often we face problems while comparing a mobile device’s features/specs with the other’s and coming to the conclusion as to which one is better. The traditional, unbiased and effective way of making comparisons is to set a certain Benchmark(a standard by which something can be measured or judged) and thereafter using it as a basis for analyzing and ranking the subject in question. Microsoft has come up with a similar idea for testing the Hardware specs for the Windows Phone 7 mobile devices by introducing the mobile application called the “WP Bench” –  is a windows phone 7 benchmark app that allows users to test their device when it comes to the hardware performance. WP BENCH is performance benchmark for Windows Phone 7 devices. WP BENCH tests your CPU, GPU, memory, storage, display and battery. Some of the basic tests that can be performed using the app are as follows :-

  • CPU singlethreaded performance
  • CPU multithreaded performance
  • Memory read/write speed
  • Storage read/write speed
  • GPU performance
  • Display color reproduction
  • Battery life tester

So the next time you need to check and compare a Windows Phone 7 mobile devices’ hardware specs, you need to argue with another human being, instead use this free application to do the same task and will also do it better.

When the app was used on Omnia 7 mobile phone, the following result was there –

Omnia 7 ( dev unlocked ) ( feb update : Yes ) ( NoDo : No )
CPU Sequential 11641ms parallel 10408ms
Data Memory 13.07 MB/s Storage 2.8 MB/s
GPU 680 frames, avg 22 FPS.

Isn’t that great? Also note that WP BENCH is the first benchmark for WP7 and it’s made by creator of well known (and first too) Compute Shader 5 benchmark for PC called ComputeMark.

Note : The results vary a bit when you try it at different time.

Download WP Bench App for WP7

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