Windows Phone 7 – Schedule Shopping List Reminders

by Kabir on November 11, 2010

Shopping is one thing which most of us (especially women) enjoy doing. For some, it works as a stress  buster while for some it’s a headache. There are times when we have many things in mind and we tend to forget one item or another. Now, here is some really cool news for WP7 users; you can download a new app called Shopstar, which allows users to schedule the shopping list. In this way, schedule all the items which you want to buy and leave the rest to Shopstar. It includes the following features:

Key Features

  • One master items list shared across all stores with the ability to add or remove items from each store
  • Reminds the user when it is time to restock a particular item
  • You can set manual reminders if items needs to be bought before the normal re-stock frequency
  • You can view shop-items by category for each store
  • Easy to use. You can tick off items shopped when in a store
  • Ability to view per item buying history

There is a which comes with limited functionality of only 10 items and no ability to create custom stores. The developer has set up a user guide to help you understand the features.

Download Now

to download the app, you will need to search on windows phone 7 marketplace

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