Windows Phone Rebooter Allows To Quickly Reboot Windows Mobile Phone

by mohit on February 8, 2010

For all those Windows mobile geeks and developers who find it really prosaic to press the power button for a long time and then after confirming the power-off, pressing it again just to reboot the device, WM freeware(Developer: Jie Wu) has come up with an application called Windows Phone Rebooter which is a little toolkit that will enable you to conveniently soft reset your Windows phone with just a couple of menu clicks.

As we all are aware of the fact that Windows Mobiles do not have an inbuilt menu-driven function to reboot the device, unlike the desktop Windows that users have been familiar with and accustomed to, Windows Phone Rebooter app comes handy here.

The software also automatically checks the availability of a new version or updates. Access to the Wireless Internet is done in a passive fashion, namely, such an access is tried only when a connection to the Wireless Internet has already been established, e.g. by IE mobile.


  • The app has been tested on WM Pocket PC 5 & above though it should work on earlier versions too.


It is often said that it is quite possible that some phone manufacturers disables the functionality of program rebooting. However, no reports have been received yet.

DOWNLOAD Windows Phone Rebooter free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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