WinEyes- Funny Eyes Follow Your Cursor On Screen.

by mohit on December 9, 2009

Not everything in this world is of great importance, yet they exist and find a place in our daily lives. Here i am talking about the things that are just for the sake of human being’s amusement, things that might just be the reason for little fun in course of our dull and mundane life process. One such app is the WinEyes for your windows mobile devices.



  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
  • .NET Compact Frame
  • This is a port of Xeyes for Pocket PC machines.Download compressed folder and extract exe file to your device to run it.



WinEyes is nothing but a simple desktop enhancement. A couple eyes follow the mouse cursor around on the screen.

Here is a set of eyes with green irises, and here is a set of eyes with red irises. The easiest way to use them is to rename the *.eye file you want to use to wineyes.eye and put it in the same directory as wineyes.exe.
Alternatively, you can pass the path to the .eye file on the command line to wineyes.exe.

Once you’ve decompressed the ZIP file, simply double click the EXE file, and a pair of simple eyes will appear on screen. A right click opens the liimted menu, which allow you to move, resize and exit the program. The pupils in the eyes constantly follow the mouse around, that’s all!

Wineyes FEATURE :

  • Do you like fun, quirky things on your desktop? These WinEyes are a fun, if pointless addition to Windows.
  • they might provide some light relief, and don’t use much memory or cause problems with other programs
  • WinEyes doesn’t require installation, and will run from a USB pendrive too.

DOWNLOAD WinEyes free for Your Windows Mobile Phone

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