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by mohit on March 25, 2012

Being a child i remember keeping a personal diary where in i used to write my daily life experiences and secrets. That alone moments with the personal diary at night before going to bed where always very cherishing and refreshing. Many of you out there must be agreeing with me. My then my friends! that was childhood and we used to have that spare time to maintain that diary and neither we used to have any sinful secrets that we might not pen down as those personal diaries were not that personal after all. Our parents, siblings, friends, someone or the other somehow used to get their hands on it and i can bet if any one could hold the temptation of not having a sneak peek into it.

But with childhood gone and adulthood coming in, we often don’t find that spare time and energy at night after a day long work and we straight away go to sleep. Also, we have many things going in and around our lives that has to be kept personal. So, we can’t risk it penning down in those traditional diaries which often tent to lose their privacy. But you are still an enthusiastic diarist and looking for a solution to all the problems addressed here, what to do? Download the ‘Dear Diary’ app on your Windows Phones and just write and keep record of any thing anywhere, anytime.

Dear Diary App Description :

Dear Diary for Windows Phone is an app for all those enthusiastic diarists who like recording their experiences, thoughts or feelings, comment on current events or just reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period.

Dear Diary App Fatures:

  • intuitive and easy user interface lets you easily write entries for a specific date just by clicking a date from the calendar.
  • It also lets you easily view entries for a specific date or list entries for a period or month
  • It’s Password protected. You don’t have to worry about someone getting their hands on your personal diary and going through your private writings, Dear Diary’s  password protected mechanism lets only you open it.
  • not to worry about your data privacy because Dear Diary uses a local database on your phone so all the data stays on your phone.
  • customize background image and colors.

Dear Diary App requirements:

  • Windows Phone 7.5(mango OS) or higher

The App is available on the marketplace for $0.99. And the Current version 1.0 is also available on the Marketplace for $1.29. I think its worth the price as it would completely safe and secure and that you can use it anywhere, anytime. Not like your traditional diary keeping.

Download Dear Diary for Windows Phone.

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