Xpress Sketch – A Free Creative Drawing Tool For Symbian Mobiles

by mohit on December 12, 2009

No matter you are professional sketch-maker or just like to draw something as your hobby in your free time or just to pass some time, Xpress Sketch V0.20 is the app you should be looking out for. Xpress Sketch isn’t a simple drawing application but a powerful drawing tool created in python.


Symbian s60 5th edition, Python 1.9.7


Xpress Sketch FEATURES :

  • You’ll experience a faster and smoother drawing.
  • There are more than 50 thousand colors. Do not hesitate, what color to choose, use the convenient palette of colors.
  • 8 tools (for the time being, list will be expanded in future versions)
  • In pencil, there are 8 different brushes (work tool “brush” in the next versions will be improved, there will be transparency as well)
  • Easily zoom feature, it also gives you easy and rapid movement of the canvas.
  • Ability to save images in formats jpg and png, open any image, create a new canvas with arbitrary dimensions.
  • and many more



  • the mechanism of the brush has been changed : Redesigned the mechanism of the brush. Now the brush is adjustable transparency, which allows you to create more realistic drawings. Now the brush is adjustable transparency, which allows you to create more realistic drawings. An old brush is moved to separate tool whose purpose – to draw texture
  • Color Picker is an added tool.
  • Eraser tool now has the size, which is regulated separately from other instruments.
  • Fixed some bugs

It will give you a complete new experience of drawing on your Touch Screen Devices. You’ll simply love this app. The best thing about it is that it’s available for free.


This application requires Python so make sure you have Python installed in order to run XpressSketch. Best would be, if you install both, Python and XpressSketch, on the C-drive.

Download the Xpress Sketch free app for Symbian OS mobiles

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