Yamee : Yahoo messenger for your mobile phone

by Abhishek on September 25, 2008


Yamee is yahoo messenger for your mobile phone, it’s actually an application which connects directly to the yahoo server and after it has established the connection you can chat with your friends, send messages to single user or even group at once or even selected contacts. You can even add or delete the contacts and make calls or even start a conference.

Features of yamee:

1. This one of the lightest messengers which also has the option of changing the skins that is you can change the way yamee looks.

2. The status bar lets you see the status of your friends, shows your status or you can set a custom status message.

3. Adding and removing contacts has never been so easy before and put make your long list of friends neat and organized yamee provides the option of grouping your contacts.

4. With yamee you can also see or hide the offline friends. Just in case you have a long list of friends it is always better to hide the offline friends as it will make the navigation easier.

5. It also supports various types of notifications for instance, it shows the online and offline notifications and also you are notified as soon as you receive a new mail in your inbox and it also shows whether the person whom you are talking to is writing something or not.

6. With yamee you cans also send and receive buzz messages from your friends and it also provides support for better and new smiley’s and emoticons.

7. You can also see the chat history in the archive later on if you want to.

Yamee is however a very good application but it also has problems regarding the initial sign up procedure and later on its smooth sailing.

Download Yamee – Yahoo messenger for your mobile phone

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Prince October 8, 2008 at 12:53 pm

I like it.

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