Best YouTube Videos App For Windows Phone 7

by mohit on December 1, 2011

For the YouTube freaks using the Windows Phone with Mango OS, there is an awesome news. The Official YouTube app that has been missing for the Windows Phone devices is now soon to be released in the app marketplace – MetroTube. It will allow you to do most of the things you would love to do on YouTube using your official account. It comes with some mind-boggling features to keep you excited all the time.

MetroTube Features:

(A) Watching Videos :

  • Selecting a video launches the watch mode but you need to tap to play. Reason here is, in this mode you get more info about the video and options to interact with it.
  • You can Pin Videos, Author or Playlist to to Start Menu.
  • You can share the video by Email, SMS or Social network. When you choose Social network, it takes you to Me Tile Sharing.
  • Watch the video in full-screen mode, lock screen rotation and tap to pause.
  • Works under lockscreen.
  • When you watch videos with it set to sync you can see recently played videos from within the Music +Video hub (exit app, go yo music +video and then history section) you will see videos with the metrotube icon overlayed on them. This option will enable or disable this happening.
  • Depending on the speed of your network, It can switch from High Quality to Low Quality video. I was prompted when I switched from WiFi to Cellular network.
  • The App adapts to your Windows Phone theme colour but if you change it in between you will have to relaunch the app again.

(B) Account Supported Features :

  • Watch YouTube videos and Interact with it if you are signed in to your account. This means you can comment, Like or unlike, add to playlist, favorites.
  • Allows you to manage your subscriptions, favorites, playlist which includes created, edit etc.
  • You can check all your uploaded videos and recently videos.
  • Subscription View lists down all the videos from the channel you have subscribed to. You can see minor details like when the video was uploaded, length of the video, how old the video is.

(C) Searching YouTube Videos :

  • Check out the Most Viewed and Featured Videos like on Youtube. You can change your country settings to find new.
  • Regular Search or Search by Category which is again sectioned into Most Viewed, Featured, Top Rated, Staff Picks ( by MetroTube )
  • Universal Search option so you can start looking from videos from anywhere.

(D) Suggested Feature Improvements :

  • As of now if you have not created a YouTube Channel, you will not be able to login to manage your subscription. Though most of the users do have a channel but there are many who haven’t. So if the support can be added for them it will be great.
  • Though the app works under lock-screen but if you switch to any other app, the video stops. Though it makes sense I will suggest to add this as option because for many they want to listen to videos specially for music channels. So if it can work in background like YouTube
  • Browsing other videos while playing video in background is not possible. What I mean here is if you are playing a video and you start searching for some other video, the current video is paused.

The App is yet not released, we will update with the download link. Stay intact.

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