Zooomer – Zoom Into App Running On Your HTC HD2

by mohit on November 22, 2009

There’s a new app out in the market for HTC-HD2 mobile phones named ZOOOMER (released by Bernd M Walter).



Windows Mobile 6.5, .NET CF 2 or higher

What does this app do?
Zooomer enables “pinch to zoom” in the programs you want. The software scans all .exe files that are available on the device. All you need to do is  just select the app you want to bee zoom enabled and then perform a soft reset – here you go: the exe is enabled for pinch to zoom! For the time being, only user installed (and some few built in) applications can be “zooom-enabled”.


Zooomer for the HTC HD2 will work with any .exe executable file on the Windows Phone, and basically add in the multitouch control.  Now that’s going to be of mixed use, of course, because it will not be beneficial for all the applications, but we’re glad that atleast we have the choice ourselves. The other fact is that the functionality is selective, too, which means you can turn off Zooomer’s multitouch on an app-by-app basis if you’re facing some problems or just find the zooming frustrating (such as in certain games, perhaps).

If anything, this shows one of the lesser-sung benefits of the Windows Mobile platform: that there are lots of developers out there in the market with familiar features, and who will readily code together the apps (and release them as donationware) that tinker with basic functionality in this way. While Microsoft don’t exactly encourage such modification, neither do they stand in its way (such as Apple might). The only point to noye is that it might require a soft reset before it will work.


the developer of this tool needs to own a HD2 for further development – we guess that more “zoooming” is possible on the HD2

download: the zooomer

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